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Good People - Good Water - Good Fish

In 1999, my first Colorado trout was in the South Park area caught in Eleven Mile Cayon on the South Platte River.  I went to the University of Denver, so I knew the site by name, but that is about it.  My wife I were on our way for a vacation in Salida, Colorado, so the South Platte was an excellent place to take a rest.

I only knew how to dry fly at this time, so I put on my brown caddis and began to cast.  I always believe every cast can produce a fish. And I know this has to help me catch lots of fish.  That day I threw about 40 casts in swift water while standing on a massive boulder.   In the middle of the river where rainbows like to feed a trout rose.

Later, we traveled downstream to the South Park and fished the Middle Fork of the South Platte near the town of Hartsel.  I love streams surrounded by desert or grass plains.  It was sunny with patches of large clouds.  The wife, in both cases, read her book, thinking I would never catch a trout.  But have about an hour a landed a large brown.  She pushes me aside, grabs my fly rod, and starts fishing.

A perfect day!

Fish on!

Colorado Flowers

Middle Fork South Platte Brown

Middle Fork South Platter River

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