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The Quest




The Quest is a goal to catch a Trout in every US State.  Only three states don't have river Trout.  This journey started in the 90s in Colorado with my first Rainbow Trout and now has reached 30+ states.  For detailed information and stories about each state or country check out Locations in the main menu.

"The Quest" Overall Status

First Trout caught on a Fly Rod was in 1999 in Colorado. Twenty-one years later, I have completed 41 of 50 States, plus 2 Canadian Providences. 2020 I achieved seven new states, mainly in the south. May 2021, I will complete 10 new states in the Northeast. 


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2021 Winter FFRT Kansas Trip 

I've been researching the Kansas trout scene for at least 15 years. It wasn't until 2018 that I could visit Kanopolis Seep section of Sand Creek.  Unfortunately, I came in May and out of season.  But I now understood the bits and pieces I found from the internet.  No trout this trip after I spent about five hours fishing.  I did hook one but lost him.  See video or locations for details

See Locations for details

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2016 FFRT Northwestern Trip

This was a trip to Banff, Canada.  This trip included picking up my wife in Salt Lake City through Glacier National Park then to Banff.  The fishing states included; Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Alberta, Britsh Colombia, Washington and Oregan. 

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2017 FFRT Midwestern IL, MI, IN

In 2017 I decided to take care of the local business of the states Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana.  Illinois took 2 trips before landing a rainbow.  Michigan took 1 cast on a tailwater river.  Lastly, in Indiana, I was lucky my neighbor bought 60 acres on maybe the only trout stream in Indiana.  Took me a couple of trips to find one rainbow.

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May 2018 FFRT Western Calforina



This was my 7000 mile trip including MO, AR, OK, TX, NM, AZ, UT, NV, CA, CO, and KS.  Missouri was frustrating as trout were fish rising, but not eating my caddis fly.  Took until noon to land one on a copper john nymph.  Arkansas took about 3 casts.  Oklahoma took 2 days, but it was one of the most beautiful camping sites I've ever been to.  Texas I was so tired after traveling I fished for only 4 hours. One trout flew out of the water almost hitting Brooke Trout (my dog) in the head. New Mexico, after driving 12 hours I found the small dam was being worked on impacted the stream below.  It was one muddy mess and no fish.  Arizona I needed to hire a guide to help me fish the Colorado River but hooked 30 fish, none the day before on my own.  Utah fished for 10 minutes on a stream near Bryce Canyon National Park, I already have my UT fish. Nevada caught a nice rainbow on a streamer.  California took 5 minutes in a small stream. In Colorado, I spent about 1 hour then just drank wine and cooked a steak.  I already have my CO fish.  Lastly, KS was just a visit to Kanopolis Lake and Sand Creek.  It is May and trout season is from November to April. 

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2018 FFRT Costa Rica Trip

This is the fourth county outside of the USA that I've used a fly rod.  All I can say is I want to go back.  Imagine a cloud forest full of Tico Trout (Costa Rica Trout) and every small place cooks trout differently. 


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2019 FFRT Pennsylvania Trip

Took a couple of days to figure out this river.  Some great advice from the owner of the local fly shop and I caught two monsters. This brought the count up to 25 states and halfway there!   


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See Locations for detail on each state!


Summer 2020 FFRT Southern Trip

The trip included Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Alabama.  Kentucky was just a visit since we had only one hour.  Tennessee took 3 casts from the creek by our cabin. North Carolina took a couple of hours in the rain.  South Carolina was buggy and couldn't convince the wife to stop and fish. Alabama had only 1 hour to fish and found I was fishing the wrong spot. This brought the count up to 26 states!   

See Locations for detail on each state!


Fall 2020 FFRT Florida Trip

The trip included Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Alabama.  Ohio took 3 casts to produce a rainbow. Kentucky took 2 hours lost 5 rainbows because they were just too big.  South Carolina took 5 casts to catch a small wild brown.  Florida took 4 hours to catch a huge rainbow.  Lastly, Alabama took all day to catch one small beautiful rainbow.  This brought the count up to 31 states!   


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See Locations for detail on each state.


2015 FFRT Montana/Idaho Trip

This trip explored Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.  Wyoming and Montana were revisits, but Idaho was a new state. Took a couple of hours to catch a trout on the Teton River.  This trip was very magical as I hook up with a very special fishing buddy.

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