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San José Province, Copey District

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Good People - Good Water - Good Fish

My wife is the best!  We planned to go to Costa Rica in one month as we needed to get away.  As always, when we travel, see if there is trout in the country.  So I was surprised when I found trout in Costa Rica.  There was not much information on trout fishing, but enough to warrant a cloud forest trip visit if there was no trout.

We had flight issues I won't get into.  We landed in San Jose at midnight and lost a car reservation.  Somehow, we found a car and drove in pitch-black, caffeine-free, cloud forest conditions for three hours. Then, by a miracle, we found our cabin on a dirt road.  The sun rose, and we hiked down to the river!

Trout ponds were lining the wild Rio Savegre River with colossal rainbows.  We returned to our cabin for breakfast before heading out with our fly gear.

We cheated first by catching a trout in one of the ponds to get our confidence.  Then we headed to the river before the afternoon thunderstorms.  The river is a small stream with large boulders and waterfalls up.  It didn't take long to land a Tico Trout, a Mexico and California Rainbow hybrid.  I think I used my standard caddis dry and green copper john nymph.  I caught trout on both flies.

The nice thing about this valley is that every little cafe serves fresh trout differently.

Costa Rica is Done!

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