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Good People - Good Water - Good Fish

Finding a trout stream in Indiana is not easy.  Several species of salmon and trout breed in tributaries of Lake Michigan, but it has to be in the right conditions.  Indiana proper only covers a small part of Lake Michigan and is warmer than other states surrounding her.

My Chicago next-door neighbor bought 60 acres in Indiana with a stream going through it.  Luckily, he bought one of the best trout and salmon fisheries in the state.  I walked down to the new purchase property and saw 20 lb salmon swimming down a three-foot deep creek producing a wake like an ocean tanker. 

We did some restoration to the stream and then fished it one day.  My neighbor caught a 12-inch rainbow on a piece of cheese I never saw....hmmm.  Later I brought out a fly rod with a caddis and green copper john.  I only had to fish for 20 minutes until I found a deep bank in the shade and landed a 6-inch rainbow.


Indiana is Done!

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