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Good People - Good Water - Good Fish

Note: There are two stories because only two pictures exist of the first trout trip in May 2008.  The second one, the hockey guys and I rented a cabin along with Brooke Trout.  

First trip, Lauren and I were visiting a friend who lived in McGregor, IA.  Lauren's friend mention there were trout, so we packed up the dog and headed to Iowa.  

I fished Sny Magill Creek from a recommendation.  It was a shallow river with a few deep pockets.  Every cast, I was focused, looking for a hit on each landing of the fly.  The weather was perfect and the temperature cool.  After about two hours, I had my first strike on a flat part of the stream.  Iowa done!

On the second trip,  October 2014, I arrived a day early; the temperature was 60+ degrees, and the fish were rising in every steam I drove by.  I decide to wait until tomorrow fish, big mistake.  The next day there was a 1/4 inch of snow on the ground.

In the Driftless region of Iowa, the DNR stocks them big.  We fished in Yellow River State Park on Paint Creek.  We started at a place with a 20-foot cliff looking down on Paint Creek.  Below were 40 large Iowa rainbows.  I moved on, letting to boy figure the cliff trout.  Even with snow on the ground, I found great holes and was in good form.  I landed six are rainbows.  I high recommend Yellow River State Park.

May 2008

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October 2014

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