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Good People - Good Water - Good Fish

Kentucky's Otter Creek is on the Fall 2020 road trip covering OH, KY, SC, FL, and AL. Lauren, Brooke, and I did a swing by Otter Creek Outdoor Recreation Area in August on our way to Tennessee. The stream is sublime, with canyon walls and deep pockets. It is a gem where no other trout streams exist for more than 100 miles.

Next door to Fort Knox, Otter Creek offers trout fishing just 45 minutes from downtown Louisville, Kentucky. The Otter Creek stocking program is fantastic. The DNR stocks large trout and also trophy size trout over 20 inches. Access is easy, and there are five miles of trout water to spread around.  

I got there mid-morning as I had a few conference calls on my day off. I met a guy in the parking lot and asked him a few questions. I'm getting better at asking questions. He is a great guy, does woodworking, and has been fishing there all his life. I knew you use green mop flies, but I had no idea where to buy one, so I bought green weenies. He gave a mop fly!  

 I used a double nymph setup with a mop fly and a red worm.   After about ten casts, I hooked one, the line snapped the line, and I lost my mop fly! I wore the same outfit, but this time I used the green weenie. It took a little longer, but some results. I hooked a trout then the line broke. I'm not used to such big fish. After the third lost fish, I didn't play with the fourth.   Once I snagged him, I just threw it on the rocks. The line broke again, and I ran around the shallows trying to grab him. I did get him in the net! I took his picture and let go!


Kentucky Done!

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