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Good People - Good Water - Good Fish

Missouri was part of the May 2018 California Trip covering states from MO to CA to KS.  Little Piney Creek in Arlington, MO, is spring-fed.  It runs through Lane Spring Campground, where Brooke and I spent the night.

This is one of my favorite places as the campground is spread out, and the water is crystal clear with beautiful cyan hues.  This trout did not come easy, however.  I fished for four hours and still did not have a trout, yet they rose everywhere.  I had a conference at 2 pm, so I drove back into town, about 20 minutes away.  I took a nap, went all night to get there, woke up, and started fishing again.  Finally, after hours of fishing, I finally caught one in some falls with a green copper john.

But I was still unhappy; the trout were still rising. So I switch my caddis to an olive dun pattern.  I took one cast and Fish On!

I was too tired to go to the next state, so Brooke and I spent the night!  This a place I would return to!

Missouri Done!

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