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Good People - Good Water - Good Fish

North Carolina is part of the August 2020 trip covering KY, TN, NC, SC, and AL. Our home base is in Cosby, TN. However, we decided to fish in North Carolina just over the peaks of Tennessee.  


The Oconalufee River starts just over the Smokeys. It runs parallel to US-Hwy 441. The rain and thunderstorms appear on the North Carolina side of the divide. We found an excellent location jumped into our raincoats, and began to fish the bolder-filled stream. Even though I thought I had chosen the right spots and made good casts, I only saw one fish splash at my lure. I pointed out my sites to Lauren, and she raced right in. Of course, she comes away with the first North Carolina Trout!  

We drive down further as I struggle, but I still feel confident catching my first North Carolina trout. I throw a yellow stimulator and a green copper john for a few minutes and nail a tiny rainbow. North Carolina, done on a green copper john!

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