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Good People - Good Water - Good Fish

Pennsylvania was a August 2019 unplanned weekend with the wife going to Michigan with her sister.  Just a six-hour drive from Chicago is the Neshannock Creek. 

Being in the sushi mood, I put the cuisine in Google Maps. I was driving through Indiana, and believe it or not, the "Cubby Trout" showed on my phone.  Seem like a good omen!

I arrived at my KOA to set up the tent, built a fire, and eat my dehydrated dinner.  In the morning, after breakfast, we headed to the stream.  It was August, the water was warm, and I knew very little about the stream.  The river was magnificent but after four hours nothing.  I stopped by the fly shop and talked to the new owner.  He gave me advice on the location and to use a Sili Worm Nymph.

After lunch and a tour in the great town of Volant, PA,  I headed back to the river before sunset.  It took me a little while to find the correct spot after climbing down a steep slope.  It is a deep hole where the water is colder.  On my first cast, I felt a huge tug.  I had about three more big strikes, and I knew I was in the right spot!  But, I still did not land one yet.  Finally, with no indication at all, I landed a large rainbow.  I would catch one more, a monster, the heaviest fish I ever had in a net.  His girth was the size of my calf. 

I celebrated at the Iron Bridge Inn with a large Ribeye!

Pennsylvania Done!