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Good People - Good Water - Good Fish

My first attempt at a Texas trout was in 2018 on the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels, between Austin and San Antonio.  It was hot, and my research didn't help me fish the stream.  Two large rainbows jumped out, and one almost hit Brooke Trout in the head, but nothing hit my attempts, so I moved on to New Mexico.

 In February 2024, my wife visited family in California and Tennessee, so I took advantage by adding a Texas detour to my scheduled winter retreat to Southern Florida.  I would now fish for trout in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, and Florida.  To catch trout, I created a 2,750-mile fly-fishing road trip with my two chocolate labs.  However, Texas is the only new state on this Quest Roadmap.

I arrived at the free BRA Area #1 camping ground on Possum Kindom Lake late afternoon as Jiffy Lube screwed up my brakes in Mountain Fork, Oklahoma, and Jiffy Lube in Paris, Texas, had to fix them the following morning.  I spent the night at a gas station parking lot with my two pups.

With the remaining daylight, I drove nine miles to the Brazos River at Possum Kingdom Stone Arch Bridge for a Texas trout.  This location is not a secret; I knew from YouTube videos.  When I got to the bridge, I saw about ten cars on both sides.  Looking over the bridge, I saw about 12 people fishing beside each other.

I saddle up with my 4wt fly rod with a dry dropper rig, a Dry Caddis with a Green Copper John.   I walked down to the waterline and decided to be chatty with the first fly fisherman I saw by the fastest part of the river.  He told me he had about 35 fish in his day's span.  Well, I was excited, after driving over 1,100 miles, a trout should be easy.  The gentleman decided to wrap up for the day, and I could take his spot.  What a place I could see dozens and dozens of small 8 to 10-inch trout.

I pulled out some line, and not being dramatic, on my third cast, I landed a small trout!  After a few pictures, I set up and caught six more, keeping one for dinner.

Back at the campsite, I got a large ribeye from an Oklahoma butcher shop and fried up the rainbow with a nice bottle of wine!

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