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Good People - Good Water - Good Fish

I tried Texas in 2018 on a Fly Fishing Road Trip to California.  I land at the Guadalupe River Maricopa Riverside Lodge Entry Point, which is also the start of tubbing.  So I said hello to a bunch of college kids and headed upstream after paying $10 to park at the motel.

Brooke Trout was with me, and we fished in the middle of the stream on a rock shelve.  One large 16-inch rainbow flew out of the water and almost hit Brooke in the head.   I also one another flip itself out that was about 14 inches.  I tried for a couple of hours, but it was about 90, and I got tired. Unfortunately, I had been on the road for four days already, so I decided Texas would have to wait and move on to New Mexico.

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